Our seven-acre city block facility is like a seven-nation army of highly-motivated mass decorators doing what we know and love. RGB. 3D Dye Diffusion. CMYK. Embroidery. Dye Sublimation. DTG. Decorated and consolidated. Powered by propriety technology and an ever-growing talented staff, proud and passionate about customizating products for e-commerce solutions.

Our Location

We're located in historic and character-filled Corktown, Detroit's oldest neighborhood. In an industrial building with vibrant interior walls decorated with the compelling work of well-known graffiti artist, Shades. A perfect non-cookie-culture for bright, creative young workers.

Detroit Hustles Harder.

We're led by Robert Hake, our entrepreneurial CEO, who started his industry career in 1998 by creating blankets with polar fleece on one side and water-resistant fabric (inspired by pizza delivery bags) on the other side. Customers couldn't get enough of this great new product and soon asked Hake for other items to also be printed with their team names and logos on them.

The internet took off. Google became a verb. Hake knew he had to get his company online to sell their customer apparel. With the help of a team of superstar developers, Hake began building online stores in 2005, with an integrated design-production-delivery system.